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Number of users: 3
Number of projects: 1000
Number of virtual books: 3




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MGI Approve

Increase your production value.

MGI Approve is the essential tool to accelerate your sales and promote embellishment.
Interact simply with your customers thanks to the functionalities of the proofing system 4.0.

From visualization to digital signature.

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Give highlights to your project

The 2D/3D display of the application allows you to highlight all the modern finishing techniques through a very realistic rendering.





Varnish (2D, 3D)




Simplify interactions with your customers

No more constant back and forth! Reducing the decision time for each project is finally possible. Interact quickly and simply with your customers by communicating directly via the application.

- Interaction area
- Annotations & Corrections
- Shared project management

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Find new customers by sharing your skills.

Simply share your projects using the virtual book module directly integrated into the application.

- Project sharing, realistic 3D rendering
- Creation of virtual books
- Real-time campaign tracking

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MGI Dashboard

Follow your production more closely.

DDiscover MGI Dashboard now, the essential tool for analyzing your performance in real time.

Mesurer / Contrôler / Améliorer

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Dashboard presentation

Improve your productivity and optimize your costs.

Refer to statistical feedback to analyze the efficiency and performance of your production.

- Recording of jobs and events

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MGI JetForce

Develop your professional network.

Get access to the JetForce community to discover the latest trends and share your experience within a passionate community.

Access tutorials, tips and tricks Exchange your creations and applications.

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